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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 19, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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right now, tragedy in nevada, seven marines are killed and several more injured when a live-fire training exercise goes terribly wrong. we don't know exactly what happened, it was a violent explosion, we know that. my thoughts are with those who are injured. and of course the families of those who lost loved ones. shock and awe, on the tenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion in iraq, a new wave of violence rocks baghdad, what is the state of security in the fledgling democracy? in rome, the installation misfor pope francis, after greeting an estimated 200,000 faithful in st. peter's square, the new pontiff has a more personal encounter with vice president biden and other heads of state. and on the eve of president obama's trip to the middle east, andrea joins us live from israel with a look at what to expect.
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but first an extended st. patrick's day celebration at the white house as the president hosts ireland's prime minister. >> i want to welcome you, thank you for giving me an excuse to break out my green tie. >> it's a real opportunity to celebrate st. patrick's week, i have a second tie for the president if he so wishes and of course, there is a standing open invitation to president obama to come back to ireland. i'm luke russert live in washington, we'll check in with andrea, who is in jerusalem in a moment. but first, breaking news out of nevada -- the u.s. military says an overnight live fire training accident at the hawthorne army depot in western nevada has killed at least seven marines. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski joins me with the latest. obviously this happened late last night. the news started breaking this morning. what have we learned in the last few hours since i spoke to you? >> well, as you said, luke, this
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occurred during a live-fire training exercise involving firing mortars on a range there at the hawthorne army depot. according to marine corps officials, it appears that one of the 60-millimeter rounds prematurely exploded while it was still in the firing tube. or perhaps while loading it into the tube. killing seven marines, and wounding eight others. most of those marines that are wounded don't appear to have any life-threatening injuries. but as i said, the seven were killed. the marine corps has launched an investigation to determine exactly what happened here. but it appears to be a tragic accident. all of the marines killed and wounded are from the second marine division out of camp lejeune on the east coast. the names are being withheld pending notification of next of kin and a full investigation will be launched. luke, you open that segment with a sound bite from senate majority leader democrat harry
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reid expressing his condolences. but also during that statement, there was an implication there that under sequestration, when budgets are cut, that we may see more of these that it may put the marines and others and soldiers at risk because of the budget cuts. now i can tell you, marine corps officials this afternoon are taking a strong exception to what harry reid implied. saying that this this exercise, for example, was planned well in advance, had nothing to do with the budget cuts. there were no corners cut. and if they couldn't afford to have all the safety precautions into place, they wouldn't do the exercise. and in fact, one marine corps told us just, one marine corps official told us a short time ago, he considers this nothing but pure political posturing on the backs of these dead marines. >> those are some very strong words from the marine corps
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about senator harry reid, jim miklaszewski thank you soef for being on the program. tonight president obama boards air force one to go to the middle east. prospects for movement on the israeli/palestinian peace process seem slim. but there are plenty of problems in the region that demand the president's attention. he'll begin his formal discussions tomorrow, meeting with israeli prime minister, benjamin netenyahu and president simon perez. andrea mitchell joins us live from jerusalem. good evening and good afternoon to you. hope you were well on your travel flight over. >> good afternoon. >> what can we expect on the first leg of the president's trip in israel? >> well this is the most important part of his mission. and frankly, there is very low expectations for anything on the israeli/palestinian peace front. there is basically a lot of
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damage control. his relationship with prime minister netanyahu is not exactly warm. it's cool at best. he, the president described it as business-like. the prime minister just created his new government. and is somewhat weakened after a tough re-election fight. so from the white house perspective, he comes, the president comes here at a pretty good time to try to reach out to the israeli people. try to let them believe that he really does care about israel. that he has their back. they've been very much supported by the united states militarily. the iron dome missile defense system. but for some reason israeli people, perhaps because of the president's 2009 speech in cairo. there is a feeling in israel that he has not shown them the love. so he's going to try to do that on this trip. he's going to go to the historic founder of israel, the hertzel
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monument. to show that he doesn't believe that israel's roots began only after the holocaust. and that he agrees with israel's timeline that it goes back to millennium. he's going to see the dead sea skrols. he'll pay homage to israel's deep rots and go to the west bank, go to ramallah and speak with the leader of the palestinians, try to get more of a warmer relationship. then they're talking about iran. and iran is front and center. he has to persuade prime minister netanyahu, that in fact he is not bluffing, that the u.s. would take military action if needed and israel presumably would prefer to have the u.s. with them this he can't really do it as easily alone. they're going to try to get closer on the same timeline on iran. and of course there's the threats in syria and egypt and the whole islamic revolution. the arab spring all around israel. israel is very much encircled. so it's a very different atmosphere than when the
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president was here, i was covering him when he was a candidate, barack obama, in 2008. to show how much israel also wants to communicate friendship, this is a video of, along the lines of jib jab, that the israeli embassy in washington has just put out, showing the friendship. take a look. >> warmly welcome president obama to israel. to express our appreciation for what he has done for us. >> the bond between the united states and israel are unbreakable and the commitment of the united states to the security of israel is iron-clad. ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ traveled down the road and back again ♪ ♪ your heart is true ♪ you're a pal and a
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confidante ♪ ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ >> jib jab diplomacy. >> i think you can see, luke that the israelis are going to try and you know the white house is going to try to get past their past differences and have a smooth trip. and then he goes on to oman. >> and secretary kerry advanced is here tonight. luke? >> andrea mitchell joining us live from israel, we appreciate you taking the time on your own show and letting me help you out today. hopefully the jib jab diplomacy works for the united states, thanks so much. >> exactly. here in washington kentucky senator rand paul has spent 2013 raising his national profile. first it was the 13-hour filibuster. then a big cpac speech that helped deliver a straw poll
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victory. and today senator paul is wading into the immigration debate in a big way. putting his support behind a path to legal status for millions of illegal immigrants. joining me now for the daily fix, chris cillizza, msnbc contributor. and managing editor of and charlie cook, msnbc political analyst and founder of the cook political report. and charlie, i'll go to you first, we'll get chris to chime in on this. i was taken aback that rand paul went out on this limb to a degree, because he was really setting himself up as the right-wing presidential candidate. this separate 0ing up a flag on the immigration front. that someone like a tom tancredo did in 2008, could exploit rand paul if they wanted to. >> it could, but i'm looking at it on the first level, is that this is a remarkable speech. here we have the person who has become pretty much the most important tea party figure in the entire country. embracing immigration reform. which many republican establishment figures,
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republican strategists and independent analysts believe the single most, the single-most important thing for the republicans to do, he embraced it. you can imagine that john boehner, mitch mcconnell and other party leaders are really happy with this. >> it gives him good cover. >> absolutely and a lot of members good cover. to your point, does it open up some room to the right? you know, for a niche candidate, yes. but overall i'm not sure that there's a lot of room to rand paul's right. that's not necessarily enough of an issue i think for a foothold. >> and chris, we know that rand paul is going to head to iowa very soon for the dinner. he's obviously putting himself front and center on the 2016 stage with this type of announcement. >> yeah, no question, luke. and what's interesting about this is people forget the influence that ron paul's campaign actually had, his dad's campaign, actually had on the process. which is no, ron paul didn't win
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any states and no, he was never sort of a serious top-tier contender for the presidency. but what he did do was ron paul ak lite ako lights are taken over a lot of state parties, iowa is one of them. aj spiker, the chairman of the iowa republican party, very much a ron/rand paul loyalist. he's the guy that announced that rand paul would be going to a linking dinner in early may this morning. so there's actually sort of the influence of the father on what i, i assume will be a rand paul 2016 candidacy. shouldn't be overlooked. there's more rand paul people in actual party infrastructures than you might think. >> that was always called a revolution, right? the ron paul revolution, the rand paul revolution. part of that revolution was getting those folks in place like chris just said. that would be wild. especially to have the rnc wants to sort of move away from caucuses and more towards primaries, right, charlie? >> i think the potential for rand paul to eclipse his father
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by multiple times over is really great. because his father was a niche candidate. rand paul has some potential crossover appeal. enough to win a general election? i seriously doubt. and that's what you know, i think a lot of republican leaders really fear. is that he could you know, win the republican nomination and take him down to a 64 level loss. but his, his ability to reach far beyond the ron paul constituency -- >> he has more charisma than his dad did. chris i want to get to another story in d.c. that's what the democrats have to do in the 2014 mid-terms to keep the u.s. senate. do they perhaps have a better chance of losing the senate than they do of winning the house? some tough defense, mark begich, land roh, hagen, pryor, baucus, and rockefeller and levin retiring, putting those seats
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into play. not too early to think that mitch mcconnell might get his dream of being a senate majority leader. not impossible to see here. >> look, luke, this is part of the problem of six-year cycles for democrats. remember, 2006 and 2008 were two of the best cycles for senate democrats and democrats generally in modern memory. in six years' time it will be the 2012 class and the 2014 class. republicans had great numbers in 2012, too. i know i looked at the map in 2012, and you thought, republicans have a lot of different paths to the senate majority, they didn't get there. 2014, same sort of thing. the 2008 class elected on a 365 electoral vote by barack obama. this will be barack obama's second mid-term election, he's not on the ballot, different dynamic and all of those people are in states that are at best, sort of toss-ups between the two parties. louisiana, charlie can speak better than i can about that,
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being his home state. but louisiana, south dakota, montana, west virginia. those aren't really toss-ups in federal reser federal races any more. that's four off the top. put arkansas in there, that's five. >> it will be fascinating, especially to see what candidates end up being nominated. that's the big word at the nrsc, they don't want to have to deal with the todd akins they had to before. charlie cook, chris cillizza, thanks so much for joining us. up next, is the sequester here to stay? we'll talk budget politics with congressman chris van holland. and on the ten-year anniversary on the war in iraq, bombs are still exploding in baghdad. join andrea tomorrow and thursday live from jerusalem as she travels with president obama and secretary kerry, you don't want to miss that, you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee.
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. the one thing we've seen is $1 trillion in higher taxes, taxing more, borrowing more and spending more is not a path to prosperity. >> that was congressman paul ryan on the hill. pleased that democrats are bringing bunts budgets to the table. maryland congressman chris van holland is the ranking member on the house budget committee. he joins me now, congressman van holland. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon to you, luke. >> i want to get your take on house republicans are panning the democratic budgets that will be voted on tomorrow. your budget, the black caucus budget, the progressive budget, various ones have no chance of becoming law.
10:21 am
is there any worry that the idea that republicans are putting forward that our budget balances, our budget balances, a very good sound bite that can work in mid-term elections. whereas you guys' isn't balanced until about 2040. is there any worry that the message could take hold and cause problems for you in the 2014 mid-terms? >> no, luke, for this reason -- the republican budget, the ryan budget balances on the backs of middle income taxpayers. it balances by violating our commitment to our seniors, through the voucher plan. by gutting important investments. in infrastructure, in science and research, in education. things that are important to power the economy. our focus has been on jobs first. let's get the economy in full gear. not put the brakes on it. which is what the republicans do. they've gotten austerity budget that according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office, will result in 750,000 fewer jobs bn i end of the year.
10:22 am
so we say let's tackle the deficit in a smart way, get people back to work and reduce it over a steady period over a period of time and our comes to balance at the same time that the republicans' budget from last year comes into balance. >> on the issue of revenue, i believe your budget has about $200 billion more in revenue than senator murray's budget in the senate. why did you put that in there considering that republicans are so adverse to any new revenue? >> the budget we have in our democratic proposal. if you take it even together with the revenue from the fiscal cliff agreement, is still less total revenue, luke, than was embedded in the bipartisan simpson-bowles agreement. so we have less revenue proposed by that bipartisan group. we couple it with targeted cuts and reforms over a period of time. and if you actually look at the totality of the budget changes we made over the last couple of years, including the $1.5 trillion, we have a higher ratio
10:23 am
of cuts to revenue. considering all the revenue than sim spso simpson-bowles did. a bipartisan yardstick. so we're right there in a balanced approach for deficit reduction. where the republicans, it was the same thing that romney ryan were proposing before. talk about lessons learned. they may have learned some lessons on immigration reform. they're totally stuck in their own mud when it comes to the budget. >> on the sequester, it seems that for all intents and purposes that will continue to be the law of the land. we're going to pass a government funding bill out of congress. hopefully by the end of this week to avert a government shutdown on march 27th. you mentioned on the conference call two days ago that there really, or yesterday, rather, there's probably no, there's nothing to avert the sequester or replace it, unless there's a large-scale agreement put in place by perhaps the president and speaker boehner by august.
10:24 am
is that the truth? should americans really feel that the sequester is here to stay? at least through the rest of this fiscal year? >> well, yeah, there two questions there. unfortunately, it looks like it's here to stay, at least for the coming weeks. and the issue will be, whether sometime between now and august, we can put together a budget agreement that will replace the sequester going forward. because the sequester right now is putting the brakes on economic growth. it will slow down economic growth this year by a full one-third. and we just cannot afford to do that. which is why you know, copying the european austerity model, which is what the republican budget does, is a prescription for fewer jobs, not more jobs. so hopefully we can replace it as part of an agreement. >> congressman chris van holland of maryland, we appreciate you taking the time, thanks so much. >> thank you, luke, great to be with you. next, texas congressman joaquin castro with new details
10:25 am
as the house nears a deal on immigration reform. and still ahead, vice president biden gets a personal introduction in rome. look at that vice president biden, yucking it up with the new pope. this is "andrea mitchell reports." when did you know that grandma was the one? when her sister dumped me. oh dad, you remember my friend alex? yeah. the one that had the work done... [ male announcer ] sometimes being too transparent can be a bad thing. this looks good! [ male announcer ] but not with the oscar mayer deli fresh clear pack. it's what you see is what you get food. retty conservative. [ male announcer ] but not with the oscar mayer deli fresh clear pack. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours.
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a bipartisan compromise on immigration reform could take shape in the senate over the next few weeks. so far, this week, a path to legal status has been supported by the republican national committee. and even senator rand paul. the house gop leadership hasn't quite jumped on board. instead, they're waiting for the senate to take the lead. congressman joaquin castro, democrat of texas joins us now, someone who is very much involved with immigration reform. thank you so much for being on the show. >> thanks for having me, luke. >> congressman castro, i want to ask you one thing that we often hear from republicans is when they say that they will become supportive of immigration reform, they have a real
10:29 am
emphasis on border security. that the border must be secure. that they can go to bed at night knowing that there's no worry of a huge influx of illegal immigrants running over any specific time. as a democrat that works in these issues, ha can you say to them would sort of be the barometer for that the border is secure? where will democrats move up to on that point? >> well, first, certainly border security is an important part of any kind of deal that we're going to have. but i think that we have to start by acknowledging that the border is more secure now than it's ever been in the last four decades or so. and that this president has committed more resources to securing the border than any president in american history. and there's been a reluctance among many republicans to even acknowledge those facts. so if we are going to talk about doing this in any kind of phases or hooking it up to border security, which i don't know is the best thing to do, but if it goes that way, we've got to make
10:30 am
sure that the measurements are objective measurements. whether it's the numb of border patrol agents, the number of apprehensions, whatever it is. we can't leave those things as subjective measures, because then what we'll end up doing is coming back and arguing over the same issues five or six years from now, never reaching a resolution. >> how speaker john boehner said this today -- about immigration reform -- >> this is just the beginning of the process. there's a lot of education that needs to be done. because more than half of our members have never dealt with the issue of immigration reform. both on a legal side and on the illegal side. so there's, there's a lot of education that needs to go on. >> how, half the house gop conference needs to be educated on the issue, according to the speaker. we know the senate is going to put legislation on the floor come april. are you confident in the ability of the house to get something done in a bipartisan manner by the end of the spring?
10:31 am
>> there's some promising signs. that's group of eight members of the house of representatives, a bipartisan group, that are working on their compromise. and that looks like it's fruitful. and the common denominator is a path to citizenship. and i think if we both chambers get on the same page, then i think we can get something done in 2013. so it looks hopeful, i do think that the senate will end up acting first that it will pass something then. i think speaker boehner will have to bring some kind of bill to the floor that will take a vote on it an overwhelming majority of democrats will support it and probably 40% of the republican caucus hopefully more, will support it and we'll pass an immigration bill. >> is there a worry amongst you or any of the more progressive members of the house democratic caucus, that any immigration reform bill that is a bipartisan one, will have to be watered down to get through the house? they're worried that the president wants it so much for his legacy that he's willing to take a deal that perhaps is not
10:32 am
the best one for democrats? >> i mean i think you know, on our side, i think we are reasonable. and we accept that we're not going to get our perfect version of this bill. but we're still going to do tough negotiation. so certainly there are concerns in different quarters about what it will look like in the end. and we're not anywhere near that yet. but we're going to be reasonable, we're going to negotiate tough. but in the end, we want to make this happen. >> joaquin castro, representative from texas, we thank you so much. we appreciate it. i want to talk to you about purple state texas sometime. we'll do it on the next show, take care. >> absolutely. thanks. next as president obama heads to israel, we'll get a preview with the democratic party chair debby wasserman-schultz who will also be there. and we're live in rome for pope francis' inaugural mass this is "andrea mitchell reports" can a body wash go beyond basic cleansing? olay ultra moisture body wash can with more moisturizers than seven bottles of the leading body wash. with ultra moisture
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no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪ [ howls ] ♪ . in the headlines on "andrea
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mitchell reports," today, tj lane was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for the murders of three teenagers at an ohio high school last year. the 18-year-old lane appeared in court today wearing a shirt with the word "killer" on it and cursed the victims' families before the sentence was announced. more details are emerging about the alleged plot to kill students on the orlando campus of the university of central florida. police say a former student still living on campus drafted the plot, but decided to take his own life early monday. police in pakistan have made an arrest in the 2002 murder of american journalist, american pearl. pakistani official say the suspect is a former militant leader who they say took part in the kidnapping and killing of pearl, 11 years ago in karachi. pearl's parents reacting to the arrest, say they hope that justice will be served. and an estimated 200,000 people attended today's formal installation ceremony of pope francis at the vatican.
10:37 am
where he repeated the themes likely to dominate his tenure. compassion and care for the poor. nbc's ann thompson is at the vatican and joins us now. i guess it's in the ear there. something that stood out to me as a catholic who is watching this, is how much of an effort the pope really made to go out amongst people, sort of touch their hands, give them blessings. really trying to convey this idea of while certainly this is a big public celebration, a lot of pomp and circumstance, that he was very much one of the people. one of them. >> well you know, i couldn't help but think of the words of st. francis ever assisi, who is his namesake and st. francis said preach often and when necessarily, use words. luke, i think that's exactly what we saw in st. peter's square. even before the mass began when the pope rode around in the
10:38 am
open-air jeep and climbed down off the jeep and blessed the disabled man in the krod and picked up children and kissed them. you could see this kind of outreach and i think that's what's attracted catholics to this man, who they didn't know, really, especially american catholics had no idea who he was a week ago and now are just really drawn into him. because this is the first time in at least ten, maybe 15 years where we've seen a pope make that kind of an outreach. and i think it's a really exciting new chapter for the catholic church. the question is, can they keep this momentum going. luke? >> indeed, and lastly i'll ask you, now that he's officially sworn in, if you will, sworn to a higher power, day one of work starts tomorrow? >> oh yeah. and job one, no question, is cleaning up the curae. that is the vatican bureaucracy that has been the source of so much scandal and allegations of corruptions, corruption and
10:39 am
leaks. and i was talking to new york cardinal timothy dolan earlier today. he says you know, that's the reason we put him there, because we think he's the guy who can make things better. and that is job one, luke. >> easier said than done certainly a momentous task. ann thompson, live from rome, we appreciate you coming on. critics of president obama on both sides of the aisle repeatedly say his inability to forge relationships has prevented progress on a number of fronts, the president has described his working relationship with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as business-like. the president's first visit to israel as commander-in-chief begins tomorrow. presenting him with a chance to turn up the charm in tel aviv and jerusalem. this week gives president obama and prime minister netanyahu the opportunity to show the world their relationship has room to grow. and both men are ready to take positive steps for the region.
10:40 am
florida congresswoman debby wasserman-schultz chairs the democratic national committee, is in israel and joins me now. >> thanks, luke. >> there's criticism thrown at president obama, even from prominent jewish democrats, the latd ed koch, who said president obama had let the very important relationship with israel deteriorate. as one of the highest-ranking jewish democrats in the united states. how important is it for president obama to have a successful visit in israel? >> the late ed koch endorsed president obama's re-election. this is an important opportunity to reaffirm and celebrate the incredible and historic relationship that the united states and israel have. president obama will travel there, and it was important to make sure that as the first overseas trip he's making in his second term that he go there and reach out to the future of the
10:41 am
israeli people. talk with, with university students and young people. see the historic connection to the lands that the israeli people have. make sure that he focuses on the future. seeing the innovation and the success that israel has had in their economy. in short, this is an incredible opportunity to reaffirm our relationship with the israeli people. and also to make sure we can have our president sit down with the prime minister for some important discussions about how to move the peace process forward. and get the two parties back to the discussion table. >> how important is iran when it comes to this visit? obviously president obama has a very ambitious domestic agenda. he wants to see immigration reform, perhaps some gun control measures moving forward. perhaps a big debt deal. all of those things would seem to go to the back burner if there was some sort of engagement in iran. is there any worry amongst house democrats, specifically, that
10:42 am
the president could promise here some full-on support for an israeli air strike to iran, that could have dire implications for a domestic agenda here at home. >> we have the closest military intelligence cooperation with israel that we've ever had. you almost don't know where the israeli leadership begins and we're working on preventing iran from achieving their ambition of a nuclear weapon every single day together. so it's not like when the president gets there, he's going to first begin a dialogue with the prime minister and israeli leadership about how to accomplish that. we're at the table with them working side by side every single day. this is a way to continue those discussions and make sure that it's clear, and that we work together and leave all of those options on the table. because making sure that they never achieve the goal is essential. >> congresswoman debby wasserman schultz of florida we appreciate you joining us. thank you. on the 10th anniversary of
10:43 am
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and redeem them for just about anything. visit to apply. on the tepth anniversary of the u.s. war in iraq, a deadly outbreak of car bombs and suicide attacks in baghdad. 56 people were killed and more than 200 people were injured in the attacks, reminding americans of the ongoing instability in iraq. joining me now, retired colonel jack jacobs, a medal of honor recipient and msnbc military analyst and veteran photo journalist, michael kaber, who covered iraq for "the new york times." his book "photojournalism on war." will be released next month and the "washington post's" rajiv sondravakiran was a correspondent in the baghdad for
10:47 am
the first two years of the war. he's the author of "the imperial life and the emerald city in little america." gentlemen, we appreciate you joining us. rajiv, i want to go to you first, the cost of the war to the united states was enormous, 4400 u.s. deaths, 33,000 wounded, $730 billion spent. the cost goes up into the trilliones if you look at other estimates. you had an interesting column of the outlook section of the "washington post" this past sunday talking about myths of the war. one you said specifically that the surge in fact did not work. that it worked militarily in terms of stopping the sectarian violence to a degree. but in its wake, it left a very divided iraq. there's a shiite iraq, a sunni iraq. a kurd iraq. and one in which a lot of sunnis are fearful that al maliki and the shiite government, that he's oversees, has really stocked a security force with a lot of shiites that could put down sunnis at any time. sort of talk to our audience about that. >> the country is a tinder box
10:48 am
today, luke. on the outside it looks relatively stable. notwithstanding the violence we see today. but the fundamental political compromise that was supposed to occur from the surge never happened. the surge was always supposed to be a two-step process. the first was to improve security for the iraqi people, to tamp down the civil war. to beat back the insurgency. that did happen. in part thanks to some of the brave and courageous work of our men and women in uniform. but that improvement in security was then supposed to lead to political compromise. to these disparity groups. now you have the majority shiite government that believes in democracy, majority rule, but not so much in minority rights, now you have the once-ruling sunnis who feel completely disenfranchised, a real
10:49 am
potential for some of them to turn back to the insurgency and violence and you have the ethnic kurds up in the north who constitute a quarter of the population, luke and tensions between them and baghdad continue to escalate and we may be on the brink of another civil war there. >> michael, we got some of the photographs to include in your book and they're absolutely unbelievable. they're riveting, they have a deep impact. on anyone who looks at them. and just i wanted to get your take on seeing the war firsthand and seeing these graphic images that we're showing on the screen right now. there is one of a commercial airline, casket going in underneath. and just average americans kind of looking at the lens. and that to me was -- it stuck out because it sort of was this idea that the common you know people of the united states were a little bit above all of this you know, hurt and anguish that was happening. because so many in this country did not know anyone who was serving abroad or did not have to make a real sacrifice, there
10:50 am
was no war tax. there was no rationing. this was sort of a war fought by a distinct minority population within the united states. and even a few rural states. talk about that in terms of what you saw in the photography and what not? >> well, that photo thaw pointed out, that's todd highsler's photo and it's the casket of lieutenant jim cathay and he's being met at the airport by his wife who i believe was about six months pregnant. and you know, it's the type of photo that was hard to take. the type of photo that you know, a lot of, i don't think there was any concerted effort at censorship. but it was very hard to get images like that in the press. it was against the regulations to photograph caskets and frequently wounded americans were without their permission. and i think funerals at arlington cemetery were put off-limits so there were a lot of things as photographers we were trying to get out of the war. we did the best we could, but a lot of these pictures didn't
10:51 am
make it into the newspapers. >> jack jacobs, i want to play a clip from the msnbc documentary "hubris" which is going do play on friday, from general anthony zinne and get your take on it after. >> at that time i was looking at, there were the proponents for going into iraq. basically those that i saw as the proponents were the chicken hawks. were those that were very hawkish about using military force. really wanted to do this. saw this as a simple extension of policy and politics. and i didn't see anybody in there that i remember from the battlefields in vietnam or elsewhere. >> is one of the legacies of this war an entire generation scarred by an idea to actually go to combat based on a political ideology? that perhaps we might not see that again for a few generations because of such, the impact that it had? >> i heard the same thing at the end of vietnam. that the people currently in
10:52 am
charge of the establishment now, who grew to adulthood by the time we got out of vietnam said exactly the same thing. we're not doing this again. we won't do -- we won't get involved in any kind of which t objective is not sure. that we have insufficient resources. one in which we increment allies our assets. in less than a generation we did it again. we can say it all we want but at the end of the day we have to have much better memories than we have had. and people, you can't be sanguine about the use of the military instrument of power. we frequently use the military instrument of power as the default instrument. why? well, military people are pretty good at doing what they have to do. and second, we're not very good at using the other instruments of policy like the economic instrument, like diplomacy we're lousy at it. and we can't integrate those things into a coherent use of
10:53 am
american power. the result is that we usually wait too longitude anything and by the time we decide to do anything at all, it is the military we rely on to get things done. we have to stop doing that. >> real quick will to you. if there's one image from this war that you would want to be remembered, what would that be? describe it to us. >> that would be chris's image. there is a young girl. she is splattered with blood and her parents were accidentally killed at a check point. her young brother was wounded. he came to the u.s. for treatment. when he went home, the iraqi insurgents sent a message and killed the young brother. so the war, it had a terrible cost on the iraqis, on the american servicemen. and it was a tough war for this country. >> indeed. an underreported story, the. a civilian death that's will affect iraqis for decades. gentlemen, thank you all so much for joining us. we appreciate it. don't miss hubris, selling the
10:54 am
iraq war friday night. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
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which political story will make headlines the next 24 hours? chr chris cillizza is back with us. die an feinstein saying that. it does not have the in divide government. >> the political reality here, not part of the main guns package with an acknowledgement if it was part of it, any kind of bigger package wouldn't pass. feinstein did say that it will get a vote as an amendment to the main bill. it will get a vote on the floor. we've expected this for a long time. i would say many gun control supporters have expected this. there just are not the votes in the senate for something like this. because lots of conservative
10:58 am
democrats or democrats in conservative leaning states wouldn't vote for an assault weapons ban at this time. >> it hasn't really been a story since it expired in '04. probably won't come up for a while. thank you for joining us. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i'm luke russert. andrea is back tomorrow from jerusalem traveling with president obama and secretary ari. richard is in for tamron hall today. rid of, my friend, tate away. >> luke russert, always good to sigh. seven marines killed and seven others injured during a training exercise in nevada. we'll look at what went wrong as details continue to come in this hour. plus ten years after the u.s. led the invasion in iraq and the impact is still being felt. we'll examine what our first read team calls the most consequential political event of the last decade. big a win today for anyone
10:59 am
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